About the Book

Mama, What If?

When you search the word “mom” in Google, what sort of images pop up? Chances are, you'll come across illustrations of a mom in a hair bun, in an apron, and/or holding kitchen utensils. And though there is nothing wrong with those depictions, I didn’t feel like it represented me—a millennial mom. When the illustrator and I were developing the characters of the book, we paid special attention to the woman.  In the end, we portrayed her to be a modernized woman, dressed in business casual attire, with an oversized bag, and an iced café latte in hand because quite frankly, that captured how we viewed ourselves and a lot of our friends!

On a related note, when reading books to my children, I found myself wishing I could read them more content that had characters that looked like us, an Asian-American family.

I wanted to create a book that reflected my child and myself in literature form. I think there is value in providing books for children that includes Asians as main characters and not only secondary or peripheral ones.  

Most importantly, I wrote a book that would reinforce the most important relationship for a child: one between a child and a parent. 

Our Solution

Here at Mighty Fortress Press, we wrote a story to boost the representation of young Asian-American children who rarely get a chance to see themselves in literature and also to contribute to the children’s book industry by bringing more diverse characters to the table.  In short, we wanted to offer families a book that in part mirrors the diversity of America.

We've poured our hearts and souls into creating Mama, What If?, a beautifully illustrated book about a family that deals with day-to-day adventures. We hope that this story will encourage all children to have strong healthy bonds with their parents, and inspire families to engage in more fun questions, answers, and conversations in the home!

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We are now taking orders for the book. 

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Again, we want to thank you so much for your support and we appreciate your help to spread the word about our book!

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