About the Book

Mama, What If?

Mama What If? is a story about a boy who asks a series of outrageous "What If" questions. His mama answer is a silly way that takes them both on a wild adventure to outer space, makes them big and small, and more!  

But will the questions ever stop? Will Mama's patience eventually grow thin? Geared toward 1-6 year-olds, Mama, What If? is sure to bloom your kid's curiosity and imagination by encouraging them to ask lots of questions. 


One mama reviewed: "My kid and I play the 'What If?' game in the car like, 'What if there was a dinosaur blocking the road?' I always tell my mommy friends to buy the book because they can play the game like Hayden and I do. It's fun."

Another mama reviewed: "Such a great book celebrating a child's curiosity and the mother-child bond. I especially love the depiction of a regular American family with a contemporary mom (pants, Starbucks, always on the go!), the nod to Asian tradition of leaving shoes at the door, and the featuring of Asian characters without being obvious or stereotypical. Wonderful for any and all!"



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Press Highlights

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Watch: The Book Launch event of Mama What If?

Watch: Read Aloud of Mama What If?


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